Note on Compilation: Every entry includes a URL to the original source however at this time some of these URLs may need to be copied and pasted into your browser. This is a work in progress. It’ll flesh out in case what’s here already isn’t enough to invite critical thinking. Be safe and follow the World Health Organization’s guidelines.

This, we’re told to believe, is the greatest threat to civilization and society in as long as we can remember. For many of us, never before in our lifetimes have we seen anything near it in terms of its overreaching, ultra-draconian overblown and wildly preemptive response. In fact we’ve not seen in for at least — well, almost exactly, 19 years. And by all accounts this aims to make that prior event look like a morning stretch compared to the marathon we’re about to endure.

World Health Organization Advice For Public

In fact, this outbreak is so virulent and deadly, that the world’s leading health authority, the World Health Organization, has issued the following “Advice for Public” in dealing with COVID-19.

  1. “Wash your hands frequently”
  2. “Maintain social distancing”
  3. “Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth”
  4. “Practice respiratory hygiene”
  5. “If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early”
  6. “Stay informed and follow advice given by your healthcare provider”

By all means, don’t let me convince you not to follow it. But ask yourself,

Who Are We Kidding? Hopefully No One.

On Research

I think the single most important caveat is — Do Not Assume a One-Act Play. This doesn’t at all mean panic; it simply means broaden your thought process and look for yourself as to:

  1. Whether this is a correctly-calibrated response based on the infection and mortality rates and in comparison to other life-threatening medical conditions or epidemics. (For example, Since media coverage began, have more people taken their lives by suicide than have died by CV?)
  2. Whether this is only about ABC, or ZYX, or at this point, if it might span the entire alphabet: Finances, Immigration, Digital Currency, Human Rights, Military Exercises, an End of Days, etc, etc.
  3. You’ve gotten this far. Keep questioning the narrative.

Criteria & Sources

By “Official” is meant that all references in this document come from one of the following sources, each of which is specifically referenced by URL:

  1. National governmental organizations, such as the WHO
  2. National or International media outlets
  3. Websites with an Alexa rating of under 1-million. (This is the same criteria of veracity as used by HARO.)

To my knowledge, there is no other official timeline of COVID-19.

This is a work in progress.
Contributions are encouraged and appreciated.

Coronavirus Timeline

Official Coronavirus Timeline

6 June 2019: “Vodafone Italia switches on 5G in 5 cities: Milan, Rome, Turin, Bologna and Naples, Italy

“Vodafone Italia has switched on its 5G network in five cities across the country ahead of the Vodafone group’s launch of 5G roaming in the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy next month. The ‘Giga Network 5G’ service is available now in the Milan metropolitan area (including 28 surrounding localities), Rome, Turin, Bologna and Naples, with around 45 to 50 cities to follow next year, rising to a total of 100 by 2021, CEO Aldo Bisio shared his enthusiasm during the official launch event in Milan. “5G paves the way for a new era of digital development services across the country,” adding that “we expect our services to grow exponentially and have a profound social and economic impact.” – Vodafone

5 July 2019: “Vodafone Italy turned Milan into an extensive 5G testbed”

“Featuring: Sabrina Baggioni, 5G Programme Director, Vodafone Italy” Description: “Working with Italy’s Ministry of Economic Development, Vodafone won a tender 18 months ago to create an extensive 5G testbed in the city of Milan. Since then, it has collaborated with 38 partners to develop close to 50 separate use cases, investing €90 million in the process. Vodafone says all the partners were interested to understand not just what 5G would bring to their own businesses, but also to society in general. It quickly discovered that 5G brings with it a new way of working, with real collaboration to co-develop and co-create services with completely different business models. The challenge now is to transform these trials into actual commercial products with end to end service assurance. Filmed at: 5G World, London, June 2019”

19 September 2019: POTUS “Executive Order on Modernizing Influenza Vaccines in the United States to Promote National Security and Public Health” (2,076 words; 18 times mentioning “pandemic”)

“Section 1. Findings. (a) Influenza viruses are constantly changing as they circulate globally in humans and animals. Relatively minor changes in these viruses cause annual seasonal influenza outbreaks, which result in millions of illnesses, hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations, and tens of thousands of deaths each year in the United States. Periodically, new influenza A viruses emerge from animals, including birds and pigs, that can spread efficiently and have sustained transmission among humans. This situation is called an influenza pandemic (pandemic). Unlike seasonal influenza, a pandemic has the potential to spread rapidly around the globe, infect higher numbers of people, and cause high rates of illness and death in populations that lack prior immunity. While it is not possible to predict when or how frequently a pandemic may occur, there have been 4 pandemics in the last 100 years. The most devastating pandemic occurred in 1918-1919 and is estimated to have killed more than 50 million people worldwide, including 675,000 Americans.

(b) Vaccination is the most effective defense against influenza. Despite recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that nearly every American should receive the influenza vaccine annually, however, seasonal influenza vaccination levels in the United States have currently reached only about 45 percent of CDC goals.

(c) All influenza vaccines presently in use have been developed for circulating or anticipated influenza viruses. These vaccines must be reformulated for each influenza season as well as in the event of a pandemic. Additional research is needed to develop influenza vaccines that provide more effective and longer-lasting protection against many or all influenza viruses.

(d) The current domestic enterprise for manufacturing influenza vaccines has critical shortcomings. Most influenza vaccines are made in chicken eggs, using a 70-year-old process that requires months-long production timelines, limiting their utility for pandemic control; rely on a potentially vulnerable supply chain of eggs; require the use of vaccine viruses adapted for growth in eggs, which could introduce mutations of the influenza vaccine virus that may render the final product less effective; and are unsuitable for efficient and scalable continuous manufacturing platforms. //

“(a) The Secretary of HHS shall:

“(i) through the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response and BARDA:

“(A) estimate the cost of expanding and diversifying domestic vaccine-manufacturing capacity to use innovative, faster, and more scalable technologies, including cell-based and recombinant vaccine manufacturing, through cost-sharing agreements with the private sector, which shall include an agreed-upon pricing strategy during a pandemic;

“(B) estimate the cost of expanding domestic production capacity of adjuvants in order to combine such adjuvants with both seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccines;

“(C) estimate the cost of expanding domestic fill-and-finish capacity to rapidly fulfill antigen and adjuvant needs for pandemic response;

“(D) estimate the cost of developing, evaluating, and implementing delivery systems to augment limited supplies of needles and syringes and to enable the rapid and large-scale administration of pandemic influenza vaccines;

“(E) evaluate incentives for the development and production of vaccines by private manufacturers and public-private partnerships, including, in emergency situations, the transfer of technology to public-private partnerships — such as the HHS Centers for Innovation and Advanced Development and Manufacturing or other domestic manufacturing facilities — in advance of a pandemic, in order to be able to ensure adequate domestic pandemic manufacturing capacity and capability;

“(vi) direct the conduct of a study to assess the feasibility of using DOD’s advanced manufacturing facility for manufacturing cell-based or recombinant influenza vaccines during a pandemic; and …

(D) increase influenza vaccine use through enhanced communication and by removing barriers to vaccination; …” – President of the United States, “Executive Order on Modernizing Influenza Vaccines in the United States to Promote National Security and Public Health” – (

18 October 2019: Event 201, Pandemic Exercise; Johns Hopkins, World Economic Forum, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

“The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences.” (

“For its most recent “exercise,” called Event 201 which was held in New York City in October, the Center for Health Security partnered with the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to engage 15 leaders in business, government, and public health to model response to a worldwide coronavirus pandemic. At the start of the exercise, the world was 3 months in, and there were already more than 500,000 cases globally.” (

18 October 2019: Military World Games in Wuhan, China

“The 10-day games kicked off Oct 18 with 9,308 military athletes from more than 100 countries competing in 27 events for 329 gold medals. By the end of the games, China topped the medal table with 239 medals, including 133 golds, 64 silvers and 42 bronzes.” – China Daily (

“The Military World Games are held every four years, the year preceding the Olympics, and put on by the CISM and a host country. The CISM has 136 members and represents the world’s second largest multi-sport organization after the International Olympic Committee. The inaugural games were held in Rome in 1995 and previous iterations have been held in Zagreb, Croatia; Catania, Italy; Hyderabad, India; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Mungyeong, South Korea. A Winter edition of the games kicked off in 2010 and were last held in 2017 in Sochi, Russia. The games are held for military athletes to compete in dozens of sporting events like archery, basketball, parachuting, sailing, and swimming, as well as select military sports such as the naval pentathlon. The winter editions primarily include a variety of skiing events.

“This past October at the Wuhan Games, more than 9,000 athletes from over 100 countries competed in more than 27 sports, a record number of participants. This year’s games also presented a number of other firsts: the first time the games were staged outside of military bases, the first time the games were all held in the same city, the first time an Athletes’ Village was constructed, the first time TV and VR systems were powered by 5G telecom technology, and the first use of all-round volunteer services for each delegation.” The Diplomat (

24 October 2019: “Big Pharma and Microsoft are Teaming up in Something Called the ‘ID2020 Alliance’ that will Combine Vaccinations with Implantable Microchips to Create Your Digital ID”

Big Pharma is officially partnering with the tech industry to pair “immunization” with digital biometrics, meaning humans will soon be microchipped, tracked, and ultimately controlled through a global identification matrix.” – Now The End Begins (

27 October 2019, “Military World Games concludes in Wuhan”

“Photo taken on Oct 27, 2019 shows the closing ceremony of the 7th CISM Military World Games in Wuhan, capital of Central China’s Hubei province. [Photo/Xinhua]” “The seventh Military World Games concluded Sunday night in Wuhan, Hubei province with a closing ceremony showcasing friendship and Wuhan culture.” – China Daily (

17 November 2019, Probable First Case of COVID-19

“A 55-year-old individual from Hubei province in China may have been the first person to have contracted COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus spreading across the globe. That case dates back to Nov. 17, 2019, according to the South Morning China Post.” – LiveScience, (

“The first case of someone in China suffering from Covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, can be traced back to November 17, according to government data seen by the South China Morning Post.” // “According to the government data seen by the Post, a 55 year-old from Hubei province could have been the first person to have contracted Covid-19 on November 17.” – South China Morning Post (

30 Nov 2019: “Chinese riot police fire teargas and beat up protesters in Guangdong Province”

“Hundreds of residents in Wenlou township were protesting against construction of large crematorium
“Riot police have fired teargas and beaten residents in southern China after they took to the streets to protest against a local construction project.
“Hundreds of residents in Wenlou, a township in Guangdong province about 60 miles from Hong Kong, protested on Friday against plans for a large crematorium in an area officials had previously said would become an “ecological park”.
“Footage recorded by residents appeared to show riot police firing teargas, throwing rocks and beating protesters. Videos also showed residents throwing firecrackers at the police and tipping over a car. One protester was seen holding a sign that read “The people of Wenlou do not agree”.
“The whole town is protesting. The government has violently deployed people to suppress it,” said one resident, who asked not to be named, adding that police had beaten elderly residents and young students. “Now police are like crazy dogs, beating whoever they see. Where is the law? Where is morality?” – The Guardian (

19 Dec 2019: “Invisible Ink ‘Tattoos’ Could Be Used to ID Vaccinated Kids”

“For the people overseeing nationwide vaccination initiatives in developing countries, keeping track of who had which vaccination and when can be a tough task.
“But researchers from MIT might have a solution: they’ve created an ink that can be safely embedded in the skin alongside the vaccine itself, and it’s only visible using a special smartphone camera app and filter.
“In other words, they’ve found a covert way to embed the record of a vaccination directly in a patient’s skin rather than documenting it electronically or on paper — and their low-risk tracking system could greatly simplify the process of maintaining accurate vaccine records, especially on a larger scale.
“In areas where paper vaccination cards are often lost or do not exist at all, and electronic databases are unheard of, this technology could enable the rapid and anonymous detection of patient vaccination history to ensure that every child is vaccinated,” researcher Kevin McHugh said in a statement.
“The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded the team’s research, which was published in the journal Science Translational Medicine on Wednesday. According to a Scientific American story, the project came about following a direct request from Microsoft founder Bill Gates himself, who has been personally involved in efforts to eradicate polio and measles through vaccinations.”- Futurism (

31 December 2019: Cases of Pneumonia of Unknown Etiology, Wuhan, China.

“On 31 December 2019, the WHO China Country Office was informed of cases of pneumonia of unknown etiology (unknown cause) detected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province of China.” – (

1 January 2020: Wuhan Market Closed

“According to media reports, the concerned market in Wuhan was closed on 1 January 2020 for environmental sanitation and disinfection.” – World Health Organization (

3 January 2020: 44 Patients With Pneumonia of Unknown Etiology, Wuhan, China

“As of 3 January 2020, a total of 44 patients with pneumonia of unknown etiology have been reported to WHO by the national authorities in China. Of the 44 cases reported, 11 are severely ill, while the remaining 33 patients are in stable condition.” – World Health Organization (

7 January 2020: Chinese Health Authorities Confirm Novel Coronavirus

“On January 7, 2020, Chinese health authorities confirmed that this cluster was associated with a novel coronavirus, 2019-nCoV.” – New England Journal of Medicine, First Case of 2019 Novel Coronavirus in the United States (

24 January 2020: “Four senators sold stocks before coronavirus threat crashed market”

(This is posted on the timeline when the sale was done; the article that covered it is dated 20 March)
“According to financial disclosure forms, Sens. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.), James Inhofe (R-Okla.), Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Richard Burr (R-N.C.) each sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in stocks within days of the Senate holding a classified briefing on Jan. 24 with Trump administration officials on the threat of the coronavirus outbreak.
“The sales raise questions about whether the senators violated the STOCK Act, a law that bans members of Congress from making financial trades based on nonpublic information.
“The sales, worth at least $1.2 million together, saved Loeffler and her husband from steep losses they would have incurred after the stock market’s crash began Feb. 24.” – The Hill (

24 January 2020: Statement Issued After COVID-19 Outbreak: “Statement about nCoV and our Pandemic Exercise:

In October 2019, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security hosted a pandemic tabletop exercise called Event 201 with partners, the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Recently, the Center for Health Security has received questions about whether that pandemic exercise predicted the current novel coronavirus outbreak in China. To be clear, the Center for Health Security and partners did not make a prediction during our tabletop exercise. For the scenario, we modeled a fictional coronavirus pandemic, but we explicitly stated that it was not a prediction. Instead, the exercise served to highlight preparedness and response challenges that would likely arise in a very severe pandemic. We are not now predicting that the nCoV-2019 outbreak will kill 65 million people. Although our tabletop exercise included a mock novel coronavirus, the inputs we used for modeling the potential impact of that fictional virus are not similar to nCoV-2019. ” (

28 January 2020: Millionaire CEO of Match Group [Tinder, Hinge, OKCupid & Match], Mandy Ginsberg, Resigns

“Match Group Inc. Chief Executive Mandy Ginsberg is stepping down following challenges in her personal life, according to an internal memo, marking a change in leadership at the company months before it is to be spun off.

“In October, a tornado hit Ms. Ginsberg’s home in Dallas, and last week she underwent surgery. She expects to recover fully, according to the letter.

“Match Group is promoting current President Shar Dubey to be its next CEO. Ms. Dubey assumes her new role on March 1 at Match Group, which owns online-dating sites Tinder, Hinge, Match and others. Ms. Dubey previously served as chief operating officer at Tinder, where she oversaw the team that launched Tinder Gold, the company’s most successful monetization feature.

“Tinder is also Match Group’s most popular property, accounting for more than half of its 9.6 million subscribers reported at the end of the third quarter. The company reports fourth-quarter earnings Feb. 5.” – MarketWatch (

30 January 2020: First US Case of COVID 2020. Global Case Count: 9,976.

“As of January 30, 2020, a total of 9976 cases had been reported in at least 21 countries, including the first confirmed case of 2019-nCoV infection in the United States, reported on January 20, 2020.” – New England Journal of Medicine, First Case of 2019 Novel Coronavirus in the United States (, Referencing Johns Hopkins University CSSE. Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Global Cases 

31 January 2020: United States HHS Declares a Public Health Emergency

“The Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) declared a public health emergency on January 31, 2020, under section 319 of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 247d), in response to COVID-19.” – President of the United States, “Proclamation on Declaring a National Emergency Concerning the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak” (

31 January 2020: Month of January Makes Record for Company CEO Departures

“In fact, January 2020 set a record for the most CEO departures in the US in one month — 219 in all.” – Business Insider (

5 February 2020: “Bill Gates Donates $100 Million [to China] to Combat Coronavirus”

“Specifically, up to $20 million will be directed to organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as health authorities in China and front-line responders; another $20 million will be used to support emergency operations in Africa and South Asia; and the rest, $60 million, will be allocated for the discovery and development of vaccines and long-term treatments and diagnostics for 2019-nCoV.” – Observer (

6 February 2020: “China is sending trucks to spray bleach on entire cities as the country struggles to contain the Wuhan coronavirus”

“The Wuhan coronavirus has sickened more than 28,000 people, and killed at least 565, with almost all of the deaths in China.
“Chinese cities have been scrambling to contain the virus, cleaning streets, railway stations, and people with disinfectants, including bleach.
“Public health and infection control experts say the cleaning resources would be better spent focusing on wiping down hospitals and markets, since coronaviruses do not live long on hard surfaces.”
“Spray trucks, hoses, and bottles filled with household disinfectants like bleach are quickly being dispatched across China, as the country scrambles to control the outbreak of the novel coronavirus known as 2019-nCoV.” – Business Insider (

16 February 2020: YouTube Controls Narrative

“Why Did my Video Education People About the Coronavirus Origins, Spread, Safety, Tips, Etc. Got Deleted?”

17 February 2020, “China Destroys Currency to Contain Coronavirus”

“China is disinfecting and destroying cash to contain the coronavirus” / “All Chinese banks must now literally launder their cash, disinfecting it with ultraviolet light and high temperatures, then storing it for seven to 14 days before releasing it to customers, said the central Chinese government in a press release Saturday.” – CNN Business ( AND

17 February 2020: China is Disinfecting and Destroying Cash to Contain the Coronavirus
22 February 2020: “Don’t buy China’s story: The Coronavirus may Have Leaked From a Lab”

“They first blamed a seafood market not far from the Institute of Virology, even though the first documented cases of Covid-19 (the illness caused by SARS-CoV-2) involved people who had never set foot there. Then they pointed to snakes, bats and even a cute little scaly anteater called a pangolin as the source of the virus.

“I don’t buy any of this. It turns out that snakes don’t carry coronaviruses and that bats aren’t sold at a seafood market. Neither, for that matter, are pangolins, an endangered species valued for their scales as much as for their meat.

“The evidence points to SARS-CoV-2 research being carried out at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The virus may have been carried out of the lab by an infected worker or crossed over into humans when they unknowingly dined on a lab animal. Whatever the vector, Beijing authorities are now clearly scrambling to correct the serious problems with the way their labs handle deadly pathogens.

“China has unleashed a plague on its own people. It’s too early to say how many in China and other countries will ultimately die for the failures of their country’s state-run microbiology labs, but the human cost will be high.

“But not to worry. Xi has assured us that he is controlling biosecurity risks “to protect the people’s health.” PLA bioweapons experts are in charge.

“I doubt the Chinese people will find that very reassuring. Neither should we.” (

24 February 2020: “China reportedly using WeChat and Twitter to find and silence people sharing coronavirus information”

“The Chinese government is tracking down people on social platforms like Twitter and WeChat who share what officials consider to be negative information about the coronavirus outbreak, Vice reports. The regulation of protest and dissent is not new in China, but people who have shared information about the virus that originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan describe relatively tame social media interactions that nonetheless resulted in both direct and indirect responses from the Chinese government, according to Vice.
“The coronavirus has become a subject of dissent in China, with online protests like the one following the death of whistleblower Li Wenliang racking up angry reactions that are then swiftly taken down. The hashtag “I want freedom of speech” spread on Chinese social media site Weibo in the hours after Li’s death, racking up 2 million posts that were removed by the following day, NPR reported.
“But Vice says the crackdowns are starting to focus on individual and sometimes totally benign posts rather than just larger mass movements. A Chinese man vacationing in California told Vice that he was trying to share information about the coronavirus with family in Wuhan on WeChat. He says he believes the Chinese government pushed friends in China to ask about his whereabouts in the US and received a warning that someone in Shanghai was trying to access his WeChat account.
“Another man based in China said that officials visited him at his home in Dongguan after he responded to a tweet that was critical of how the Chinese government handled the spread of the virus. The officials told him his tweet was an attack on the Chinese government. His phone was confiscated, and he was forced to sign a statement saying he would not repeat the so-called threat, Vice reports.” – The Verge (

25 February 2020: Disney CEO, Millionaire Bob Iger Resigns, Effective Immediately

“On a call with investors shortly after the announcement, Iger addressed the timing of his announcement, which happened 22 months before he was expected to retire at the end of 2021.” (

“In a surprising move, Disney’s top executive passed the torch and taught a lesson in leaving well.” – Inc (

“Over the past two weeks, Robert Iger, the CEO of Disney, has made headlines not for Disney’s Avengers box office performance or for his completion of the Disney-Fox merger, but for something more personal: his $65.6 million salary—an amount that Disney heir Abigail Disney recently called “insane.”

“Iger is indeed super rich: Forbes estimates his net worth at $690 million. That’s likely more than Abigail Disney. Based on a review of Forbes’ historical files, and assumptions that she and her three siblings each inherited an even share of their father Roy E. Disney’s fortune, Abigail is likely worth less than $500 million.” – Forbes (

25 February 2020: Millionaire Keith Block, co-CEO of Salesforce, Resigns

“His departure was a surprise, as many industry watchers saw him as a prospective successor to Benioff one day. The announcement came as Salesforce released quarterly earnings that beat Wall Street estimates. The stock fell about 2% in after-hours trading in the wake of the announcement.” Business Insider (

26 February 2020: YouTube Controls the Narrative

All Links to YouTube lead to videos taken down. The article from Business Insider does not allow comments.

“Wellness influencers are telling followers potentially toxic doses of vitamins will protect them from the coronavirus.”

“One YouTuber, a nurse practitioner for the Love Medical Clinic in Colorado, said the clinic offers shots of 100,000 IU Vitamin D3 to treat a virus — a dose 160 times the recommended daily dose, according to the Mayo Clinic.”

“Some people on the internet are using vitamin megadoses hundreds of times the recommended daily amount.

“One YouTuber, a nurse practitioner for the Love Medical Clinic in Colorado, said the clinic’s approach to the virus mimics its same approach to different strains of the flu — a high dose shot of vitamin D3 and IV infusions of vitamin C megadoses.

“Andrew W. Saul — a YouTuber who recommends 24,000 milligrams of vitamin C or 266 times the Mayo Clinic’s daily dose for men — insists these types of vitamin megadoses can combat viral infections like the flu, a cold, and the coronavirus by strengthening the immune system to prevent people from contracting them altogether.

“It’s a good idea to strengthen the immune system because that’s all you’ve got,” Saul said. “To fight a virus, if you don’t have a specific anti-viral, if you don’t have a vaccination for it, you have to rely on your immune system.”

“Peter Osborne of the Gluten Free Society offered his 56,600 YouTube followers similar advice to help boost immunity in a now-removed video. He said there is no cure for coronavirus yet, but taking daily doses of 5,000 milligrams of vitamin C and 150,000 IUs of vitamin D for three days could help boost the immune system.” – Business Insider (

1 March 2020: “In Coronavirus Fight, China Gives Citizens a Color Code, With Red Flags”

“A new system uses software to dictate quarantines — and appears to send personal data to police, in a troubling precedent for automated social control.”
“HANGZHOU, China — As China encourages people to return to work despite the coronavirus outbreak, it has begun a bold mass experiment in using data to regulate citizens’ lives — by requiring them to use software on their smartphones that dictates whether they should be quarantined or allowed into subways, malls and other public spaces.
“But a New York Times analysis of the software’s code found that the system does more than decide in real time whether someone poses a contagion risk. It also appears to share information with the police, setting a template for new forms of automated social control that could persist long after the epidemic subsides.
“The Alipay Health Code, as China’s official news media has called the system, was first introduced in the eastern city of Hangzhou — a project by the local government with the help of Ant Financial, a sister company of the e-commerce giant Alibaba.
“People in China sign up through Ant’s popular wallet app, Alipay, and are assigned a color code — green, yellow or red — that indicates their health status. The system is already in use in 200 cities and is being rolled out nationwide, Ant says.” – The New York Times (

1 March 2020: US National Emergency Begins (Declared 20 March 2020; see entry)

“NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States, by the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including sections 201 and 301 of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.) and consistent with section 1135 of the Social Security Act (SSA), as amended (42 U.S.C. 1320b-5), do hereby find and proclaim that the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States constitutes a national emergency, beginning March 1, 2020.” – President of the United States, “Proclamation on Declaring a National Emergency Concerning the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak” (

3 March 2020, 6:52PM: Facebook Gives Free Ads to The WHO to fight COVID-19 Misinformation

“We’re giving the WHO as many free ads as they need for their coronavirus response along with other in-kind support. We’ll also give support and millions more in ad credits to other organizations too and we’ll be working closely with global health experts to provide additional help if needed.” – Mark Zuckerberg, FaceBook Post (

“Zuckerberg says the WHO will have as many ads as it needs.” – The Verge (

3 March 2020: 30,000 American Troops Arrive in Europe Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

“Manlio Dinucci writing in the Italian web newspaper, Il Manifesto on March 3rd, 2020, reports that despite Trump’s travel ban 20,000 American troops will be traveling to Europe in the next few days–joining the 10,00 already there.” – ElectroVerse (

4 March 2020: “Chinese social media censoring ‘officially sanctioned facts’ on coronavirus”

“Wide range of speech about virus and Covid-19 references is being tightly controlled, report finds”
“Chinese social media censors blocked neutral information about the coronavirus outbreak when they targeted references to the outbreak on WeChat and other platforms, a report has found.
“Hundreds of keywords and keyword combinations, including “Wuhan seafood market” and “Sars variation” were censored in late December, as doctors sought to warn about the new virus.
“The report, by the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto’s Munk school of global affairs and public policy, found that between January and February, “a wide breadth of content” was censored on WeChat and YY, a Chinese live-streaming platform, including criticisms of the Chinese government.
“Speculative and factual information, and neutral references to the government’s handling of the outbreak, were also blocked.
““Our findings show that information on Covid-19 is being tightly controlled on Chinese social media,” the report said.
“Censorship of Covid-19 content started at early stages of the outbreak and continued to expand blocking a wide range of speech, from criticism of the government to officially sanctioned facts and information.”” – The Guardian (

10 March 2020: “New coronavirus evacuees have arrived at Lackland Air Force Base [Texas].”

“The Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio is a city within a city — with a movie theater, a bowling alley, and its own school district. In the last month, it also became Texas’ ground zero for the new coronavirus.
“The more than four square miles in the state’s second most populous city is home to one of a handful of federal quarantine sites across the country, housing people who’ve been overseas and exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19.
“Since February, 235 American evacuees from China’s Hubei province, the epicenter of the illness’ outbreak, and a cruise ship in Japan have stayed on the base. Of those, 11 tested positive for the virus and were sent to a local medical center for isolated treatment.” – Texas Tribune (

11 March 2020: WHO Labels COVID-19 a Pandemic

“There are now more than 118,000 cases in 114 countries, and 4,291 people have lost their lives. // We have therefore made the assessment that COVID-19 can be characterized as a pandemic. // Pandemic is not a word to use lightly or carelessly. It is a word that, if misused, can cause unreasonable fear, or unjustified acceptance that the fight is over, leading to unnecessary suffering and death.” – World Health Organization (—11-march-2020)

11 March 2020: NBA Suspends Entire Season

“Coronavirus pandemic causes NBA to suspend season after player tests positive. League game play halted ‘until further notice’ beginning Thursday, March 12” “New York, March 11 2020 — “The NBA announced that a player on the Utah Jazz has preliminarily tested positive for COVID-19. The test result was reported shortly prior to the tip-off of tonight’s game….” “The NBA is suspending game play following the conclusion of tonight’s schedule of games until further notice. The NBA will use this hiatus to determine next steps for moving forward in regard to the coronavirus pandemic.” (

“This hiatus will last at least 30 days and we intend to resume the season, if and when it becomes safe for all concerned.” – Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner, 12 March 2020 Letter to NBA Fans. (

11 March 2020: “Trump Cancels all US Travel to and from Europe in Response to Coronavirus”

“(CNN) — President Donald Trump said Wednesday he was “marshaling the full power of the federal government” to confront a growing public health crisis, including a month-long halt in travel from Europe to the United States.

“Trump said he was overseeing “the most aggressive and comprehensive effort to confront a foreign virus in modern history.”

“Trump was speaking during a rare Oval Office address to the nation after facing harsh criticism for his response to the pandemic.

“Earlier Wednesday, Trump would not say whether the US would issue additional travel restrictions on Europe, nor would he answer whether he would issue a national disaster declaration.

“We’ll be talking about that later. All those things we’re making a decision on,” he added.

“Trump’s top advisers had discussed potential new travel advisories on Europe during meetings at the White House on Wednesday, according to two officials familiar with the matter. The advisers are considering raising travel alerts on Europe to recommend against all non-essential travel to the continent, which administration officials view as a new epicenter for the pandemic.

“Trump’s moves could have dire consequences for airlines and the travel companies, and sources said Trump was expected to outline some relief efforts for those industries in his address.

“Speaking earlier Wednesday about the global impact of the virus and potential changes to US travel restrictions, Trump said: “We’ll be starting some additional solutions.”

“(Europe is) having a tough time right now with the virus. And we’ll be making various decisions,” he said. (

12 March 2020: United States Case Count: 1,645 infected

“As of March 12, 2020, 1,645 people from 47 States have been infected with the virus that causes COVID-19.” (

12 March 2020: “Private jets, disaster bunkers and hiring personal doctors: How the super-rich are splashing the cash to prepare for coronavirus”

“The super-rich are splashing their cash on private jets, disaster bunkers and private doctors as they prepare to self-isolate amid a growing coronavirus crisis.
“Wealthy people are arranging to flee to overseas homes or hide in underground bunkers in countries which have so-far avoided significant outbreaks of the virus.
“Doctors in private clinics have also reported a ‘huge demand from very wealthy people asking if they can pay for private testing’ for COVID-19 after the NHS said it would only screen people who have a ‘high chance’ of infection.
“Those at risk include people who have been in close contact with a confirmed case or who have recently travelled to a high-risk nation, such as China, Italy, South Korea and Iran.” – Daily Mail (

13 March 2020: “Inside the Survivalist Bunker Where Some Wealthy People Hope to Ride Out Coronavirus”

“The Kansas-based Survival Condo is built to withstand a nuclear attack—but a virus, they believe, can be kept outside too.”

“In 2017, LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman told The New Yorker that he estimated over 50% of Silicon Valley billionaires already had purchased some kind of apocalypse insurance, like a safe room, bunker, or overseas escape.” – Vanity Fair (

13 March 2020: Bill Gates steps down from Board of Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway

“Bill Gates says he is stepping down from Microsoft board.” // “The billionaire announced Friday that he’s leaving the Microsoft board entirely as well as his seat on the board of Berkshire Hathaway, the conglomerate headed by fellow billionaire Warren Buffett.” – AP News (

13 March 2020: “All of Italy is in lockdown as coronavirus cases rise”

“(CNN)Italy has been put under a dramatic total lockdown, as the coronavirus spreads in the country. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced that he is extending restrictions already in place in the north.

“All the measure of the red zones are now extended to all of the national territory,” Conte said at a press conference on Monday evening as he also announced a ban on all public events.

“The Prime Minister said the move was taken in order to protect the population, and especially the most fragile individuals. His announcement came at the end of a chaotic day that saw prison riots across the country.” – CNN (

13 March 2020: “Denmark Rushes Through Emergency CV Law, Forced Vaccination

“Denmark’s parliament on Thursday night unanimously passed an emergency coronavirus law which gives health authorities powers to force testing, treatment and quarantine with the backing of the police.

“As well as enforcing quarantine measures, the law also allows the authorities to force people to be vaccinated, even though there is currently no vaccination for the virus.

 “It also empowers them to prohibit access to public institutions, supermarkets and shops, public and private nursing homes and hospitals, and also to impose restrictions on access to public transport. 

“Initially, the government wanted to the law to give the police the right to enter private homes without a court order if there is a suspicion of coronavirus infection. But this was dropped after opposition from parties in the parliament. 

 “The parliamentary session was itself affected by the pandemic, with only 95 out of 179 MPs present for the vote, efforts made to ensure that MPs kept a safe distance from one another, and MPs voting by standing up.”

14 March 2020: “DoD likely to split JEDI contract between Amazon and Microsoft, analyst says”

“This week the Department of Defense said it wants to “reconsider certain aspects” of its decision to award Microsoft with the contract, based on technical challenges presented by Amazon’s cloud computing arm.
“Amazon Web Services sued the federal government after Microsoft emerged as the surprise winner of the JEDI contract last year. In additional to critiques about Microsoft’s online storage capability, Amazon has claimed that President Donald Trump’s personal animus toward Amazon improperly influenced the outcome of the JEDI competition.” – GeekWire (

16 March 2020: 30 States Have Closed Their Schools

“More than 30 states have closed schools statewide in response to concerns over the new coronavirus.” – Chicago Tribune (

16 March 2020: Bay Area orders ‘shelter in place,’ only essential businesses open in 6 counties

“Six Bay Area counties announced “shelter in place” orders for all residents on Monday — the strictest measure of its kind yet in the continental United States — directing everyone to stay inside their homes and away from others as much as possible for the next three weeks in a desperate move to curb the rapid spread of coronavirus across the region.

“The directive was set to begin at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday and involves San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Marin, Contra Costa and Alameda counties — a combined population of more than 6.7 million. It is to stay in place until at least April 7. The three other Bay Area counties — Sonoma, Solano and Napa — did not issue similar mandates.

“Just outside the Bay Area, Santa Cruz County late Monday also announced a “shelter in place” order for its 275,000 residents.” (

16 March 2020: “Federal Reserve cuts rates to zero to support the economy during the coronavirus pandemic”

“New York (CNN Business)In a bold, emergency action to support the economy during the coronavirus pandemic, the Federal Reserve on Sunday announced it would cut its target interest rate near zero.

“The swifter-than-expected rate cut is designed to prevent the kind of credit crunch and financial market disruptions that occurred the last time the Fed had to cut rates all the way to the bottom, during the global financial crisis just over a decade ago.

“The Fed’s board of governors had been set to meet this week and report on the results of its meeting on Wednesday. Central bankers were widely expected to cut rates to zero at that meeting, after they slashed rates to a half a percentage point in another emergency cut on March 3. Sunday’s latest emergency action suggests the Fed believed the cogs of the US economic machine were getting gummed up, and it was concerned that waiting even three more days could be too late to prop up the economy. The Fed will no longer meet later this week.

“I don’t think they would have done this unless they felt the financial markets were at significant risk of freezing up tomorrow,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics. “They’re very concerned the financial markets won’t work.”

“The US stock market tumbled into a bear market this past week — the first in 11 years — as investors grew concerned the global economy could stumble into a steep recession as people quarantine themselves at home and the daily motions of normal life around the world come to a screeching halt. Stock futures plummeted again Sunday night.” – CNN Business (

16 March 2020: “Coronavirus shuts down major cities, Trump asks Americans to avoid groups over 10 people”

“A nationwide quarantine is not being considered “at this point.”

“Major cities are shutting down restaurants, bars, gyms and schools to try to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, which has killed at least 85 people in the United States.

“There are at least 4,661 confirmed cases in the country. COVID-19 has reached 49 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

“Globally, there are more than 181,580 coronavirus cases and more than 7,130 deaths, according to data compiled by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

“Monday’s biggest developments:

  • Trump asks Americans to avoid restaurants, groups more than 10
  • Residents must shelter in place in Northern California
  • Italy’s death toll climbs over 2,000
  • Canada bans foreigners from entry” – ABC News (
16 March 2020: “7:30 p.m.: Thousands of McDonald’s expected to close dining areas”

“McDonald’s officials said they plan to close the dining rooms in all company-owned U.S. locations at the close of business on Monday, and they have asked local franchise owners to do the same.” – ABC News (

16 March 2020: “Colorado is latest state to close bars, eliminate dining in”

“Colorado joined the list of states that are closing food and entertainment businesses as U.S. public life grinds to a halt.
“Health officials in Colorado announced they are closing bars, restaurants, gyms, theaters, and casinos effective at 8 a.m. Tuesday for 30 days.” – ABC News (

17 March 2020: “[California Governor, Gavin] Newsom did not issue a statewide eviction ban. Tenant groups say renters’ health could be threatened”

“IN SUMMARY: Tenant advocates say renters can’t quarantine, or take other measures to avoid spreading coronavirus, if they’re forced from the homes officials want them to stay in.” – CA Matters (

17 March 2020: “Iran has released 85,000 prisoners in an emergency bid to stop the spread of the Coronavirus”

“The Iranian government has temporarily released 85,000 prisoners in an emergency move to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“Gholamhossein Esmaili, Iran’s judiciary minister, on Tuesday said: Some 50% of those released are security-related prisoners… also in the jails we have taken precautionary measures to confront the outbreak,” Sky News reported.

“Conditions inside Iran’s jails have reportedly deteriorated within recent weeks, with inmates reporting large numbers of deaths from the Coronavirus in the country’s overcrowded prisons.

“As of Monday, over 850 people had died in Iran after catching the COVID-19 virus, with more than 14,000 infected.

“Those who have passed away include religious leaders. Ayatollah Hashem Bathayi Golpayegani, who sits on the clerical body responsible for choosing Iran’s supreme leader, died two days after contracting the virus.” – Business Insider (

17 March 2020: “California prepared to enact martial law if its a ‘necessity’, governor says”

“California has prepared for worst case scenarios as the coronavirus pandemic heightens, including the possibility of enacting martial law.
“Governor Gavin Newsom said during a press conference on Tuesday he would consider implementing martial law if it was necessary to curb the novel virus.
“We have the ability to do martial law … if we feel the necessity,” he said.
“Issuing martial law would be an unprecedented move rarely used by officials in US history. If enacted, it would temporarily replace civil rule with military authority.” – The Independent (

17 March 2020: “Federal government in talks with tech groups to use phone location data to track coronavirus: report”

“[US] Federal Government in Talks with Tech Groups to use Phone Location Data to Track Coronavirus.”
“The federal government is in talks with Facebook, Google and other tech companies about ways to use smartphone location data to tackle the coronavirus, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.
“Washington is reportedly interested in using the data to better understand how the virus spreads and to see whether people are practicing social distancing.
“A new task force made up of tech and other industry executives presented ideas for the use of the location data at a White House meeting Sunday, the Post reported. Presenters included officials from Harvard University and representatives from top tech groups and Silicon Valley firms.” – The Hill (

17 March 2020: “Facebook Deleting Coronavirus Posts, Leading To Charges Of Censorship”

“Facebook and other tech companies are working hard to curb misinformation on their platforms about the emerging COVID-19 or Coronavirus pandemic.

“Maybe too hard.

“Facebook is blocking COVID-19 posts from fact based sources,” a Facebook friend who noticed it told me. “Facebook is hiding these posts. At the time of viral pandemic this shouldn’t be happening.”

“Updated 9PM PST March 17: Facebook says it has fixed the bug and all posts are restored. That may not be completely accurate, however, according to one source.” – Forbes (

18 March 2020: Street Vending Virtually Banned in City of Los Angeles

“Street Food Vending Has Been Effectively Banned by the City of Los Angeles. The LA City Council’s motion is in response to the novel coronavirus” “From there, a discussion followed about the city’s new street vending legalization, and what to do with those vendors who have applied for and received permitting both from the City to do business (388 vendors only, while there are tens of thousands of unlicensed vendors across Los Angeles County), and from the Health Department to serve food (less than the 388 vendors).” … “Regardless of the language — a full moratorium or a crackdown on anyone who does not possess both a vending and a health permit — the motion effectively tasks the Los Angeles Police Department and Bureau of Street Services to force vendors to crack down on street vendors citywide.” (

18 March 2020: “Dow Tumbles Below 20,000 as Investors Dash for Cash”

“The S&P 500 fell to a 7% loss on the day shortly before 1 p.m., triggering an automatic 15-minute trading halt for the fourth time since last Monday. The selloff continued after trading resumed—before the late-afternoon recovery boosted the S&P 500 to down 5.2% at the close. The Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled 1,335 points, or 6.3%, to close below 20,000 points for the first time since January 2017. The Nasdaq Composite lost 4.7%. Each index had been off 9% or more earlier in the day.” – Barron’s (

18 March 2020: “Coronavirus Crash Reduces 18 Major Companies To Penny Stocks”

“The Coronavirus market crash is doing the unspeakable: Turning major stocks into pennies. Hope you sold like the pros told you to.
“All told, 18 stocks in the broad S&P 1500, including consumer discretionary J.C. Penney (JCP), energy firms like Denbury Resources (DNR) and real estate firm CBL & Associates (CBL), are now trading for less than a buck. The S&P 1500 is a collection of small stocks in the S&P 600, midsize S&P 400 and large S&P 500 companies.
“All the S&P 1500 trading for less than $1 were admittedly damaged goods ahead of the coronavirus market crash. Even before the crash, the average share price of the 18 was just 2.87.
“But this coronavirus market crash is showing even weak stocks can get decimated further. These 18 S&P 1500 stocks are down another 80%, on average, this year.” – Investor’s Business Daily (

18 March 2020: “Philadelphia Police to Delay Arrests for Certain Non-Violent Crimes


18 March 2020: “A slew of federal and state courts suspend trials or close for coronavirus threat”

“The number of federal and state courts taking steps to thwart transmission of the novel coronavirus continues to grow. More than 25 federal district courts are pausing jury trials, following a trend that is still gaining ground in state courts.

“The Administrative Office of U.S. Courts is keeping track of the orders in this chart.

“Several federal appellate and trial-level courts are also barring people who don’t have official court business from entering courthouses. Some are asking pro se litigants with documents to leave them in drop boxes rather than enter the clerk’s office.

“One federal courthouse in Rome, Georgia, was closed by court order on Tuesday after a court security officer was hospitalized with flu-like symptoms, Courthouse News Service reports. The guard had worked the week before he was hospitalized even though he was feeling ill. Results of a COVID-19 test are pending.

“In California’s Northern District, all four federal courthouses were closed to the public, the first mass closing of federal courthouses since the judiciary began its response to the coronavirus threat.

“Dozens of states are also pausing trials statewide or restricting court visitors, according to the National Center for State Courts, which is keeping a tally. The organization reported on Tuesday that seven additional states had issued or expanded orders pausing jury trials or restricting court functions in just the last 18 hours.

“Those seven states are Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri and Virginia. Other states pausing many jury trials include New York, New Jersey, Florida and Massachusetts.

“At the local level, trials have been suspended in several large cities, including Los Angeles County, California, where courts were closing for three days and then reopening for essential matters; Cook County, Illinois, which is pausing new trials; and Washington, D.C., which shut down all proceedings except for those deemed “absolutely essential.”

“The Washington, D.C., shutdown order came Wednesday after a deputy U.S. marshal who worked at the superior court tested positive for COVID-19, reports.

“William Raftery, senior analyst with the National Center for State Courts, told the Wall Street Journal and NBC News that the restrictions are unprecedented in their scope. “The only time we’ve heard of anything vaguely like this was after 9/11 or a hurricane, but that was only for a few days,” he told NBC News.

“Federal courts that have suspended jury trials include the U.S. District Courts for the Northern District of California, the Southern District of California, the Central District of California, the Eastern District of California, the District of Colorado, the District of Connecticut, the Northern District of Illinois (civil trials suspended), the Southern District of Indiana, the Northern District of Iowa, the Eastern District of Louisiana, the Middle District of Louisiana, the Western District of Louisiana, the District of Maryland, the District of Massachusetts, the District of Minnesota, the Southern District of Mississippi, the District of Nebraska, the District of New Hampshire, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, the Western District of Pennsylvania, the District of Puerto Rico, the Eastern District of Tennessee, the Northern District of Texas, the Southern District of Texas, the Eastern District of Virginia, the Western District of Washington, the Southern District of West Virginia, the Eastern District of Wisconsin and the District of Columbia.

“Federal appeals courts that are barring people from the courthouse if they don’t have official court business include the New York-based 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the Atlanta-based 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

“Updated on March 18 to include information on the Washington, D.C., superior court.” – ABA Journal (

18 March 2020: “Trump invokes Defense Production Act to Expand Production of Hospital Masks and More.”

“President Donald Trump said during Wednesday’s White House press briefing that he will be invoking the Defense Production Act to help make up for potential medical supply shortages and deploy two hospital ships as the US battles the coronavirus pandemic.” – (

18 March 2020: Trump Administration Announces Moratorium on Evictions of Single-Family Homes with Federally Backed Mortgages, It doesn’t apply to the vast majority of Renters.

“On March 18, the Trump administration announced a moratorium on evictions of single-family homeowners with federally backed mortgages. The moratorium does not apply to the vast majority of renters.” – CA Matters (

18 March 2020: “Italy charges more than 40,000 people with violating lockdown”

“Italian authorities have pressed charges against more than 40,000 people for violating the lockdown imposed to contain the coronavirus, according to figures from the interior ministry.

“While millions of Italians have been staying at home since 9 March, when the prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, imposed a national quarantine, a minority of the population have violated rules requiring citizens to venture out only if strictly necessary, such as for work, health-related reasons or grocery shopping.

“Italy reported its biggest daily rise in deaths on Wednesday, with 475 new fatalities. The country now has 35,713 cases – approaching half the total for China, which stands at 81,102.

“Police stopped and checked 700,000 citizens between 11 and 17 March, 43,000 of whom were found to have violated the decree, which also ordered the closing of shops, bars, restaurants, gyms and swimming pools.” – The Guardian (

18 March 2020: “99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says”

“More than 99% of Italy’s coronavirus fatalities were people who suffered from previous medical conditions, according to a study by the country’s national health authority.
“After deaths from the virus reached more than 2,500, with a 150% increase in the past week, health authorities have been combing through data to provide clues to help combat the spread of the disease.
“Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s government is evaluating whether to extend a nationwide lockdown beyond the beginning of April, daily La Stampa reported Wednesday. Italy has more than 31,500 confirmed cases of the illness.” – Bloomberg (

18 March 2020: “The U.S. wants smartphone location data to fight coronavirus.”

“The White House and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are asking Facebook, Google and other tech giants to give them greater access to Americans’ smartphone location data in order to help them combat the spread of the coronavirus, according to four people at companies involved in the discussions who are not authorized to speak about them publicly.
Federal health officials say they could use anonymous, aggregated user data collected by the tech companies to map the spread of the virus — a practice known as “syndromic surveillance” — and prevent further infections. They could also use the data to see whether people were practicing “social distancing.” ” – NBC News (

18 March 2020: “Big Tech in Talks With the US Government to Use Your Location Data to Fight COVID-19”

“The U.S. government wants to work with big social tech giants like Google, Facebook, and others to track the spread of COVID-19.
“The goal would be to aggregate citizens’ location data to help track the spread of COVID-19 and presumably make sure that people are social distancing and quarantining when appropriate. The proposed partnership, described by the Washington Post, would also aim to map out how COVID-19 is being transmitted and whether or not current quarantine methods are working.
“The companies would use location data from apps and smartphones themselves to accomplish this goal.” – Activist Post (

19 March 2020: “California to spend $150 million to protect homeless from coronavirus”

“California has more than 150,000 homeless people, the most in the nation, and there’s concern that as the rest of the state’s residents are being told to stay apart and to frequently wash their hands, the homeless are living just as they did before the outbreak.
“Gov. Gavin Newsom on Wednesday said it’s possible 60,000 could contract the virus. The governor announced he would spend $150 million on efforts to prevent the COVID-19 virus from sweeping through that population.”
“Two-thirds of the money will go directly to local governments to spend on homeless services and $50 million will be used by the state to purchase 1,300 travel trailers and lease hotel rooms for emergency housing.” – Fox 40 News (

19 March 2020: “Los Angeles County Orders Residents To Remain Home

“All Californians, nearly 40 million people, have been ordered to stay at home except for when it is absolutely necessary for them to leave “until further notice” to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.
“Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the order late Thursday just an hour after officials in Los Angeles County, the most populous county in the US, issued a similar mandate. Earlier this week, their Bay Area counterparts handed down similar “shelter-in-place” orders, the strictest measures taken in the country so far.” – BuzzFeed News (

19 March 2020: “California Orders Lockdown for State’s 40 Million Residents

“U.S. coronavirus cases surpass 14,000; China reports no new domestic virus infections.
“California ordered its 40 million residents to stay at home except for essential activities beginning Thursday night in the largest such lockdown in the U.S., as the nation’s total coronavirus cases rose to more than 14,000 and an intensifying outbreak in Europe pushed State Department officials to advise citizens not to travel abroad.” – The Wall Street Journal (

19 March 2020: “300 members of Ohio National Guard to help with food distribution”

“COLUMBUS, Ohio – Gov. Mike DeWine has signed a proclamation that will activate approximately 300 personnel from the Ohio National Guard to support efforts due to COVID-19.
“According to a press release, the soldiers will support the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and the Ohio Association of Foodbanks around Ohio.
“The National Guard is not involved in carrying weapons. You may see them carrying groceries. They’re helping the food bank,” DeWine explained.” – 10 TV WBNS (

19 March 2020: “4,000 National Guard Troops Deployed Across Country To Combat COVID-19”

“WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Mark Esper says more than 4,000 National Guard reservists have been deployed in 31 states to help battle the coronavirus.

“Esper told Fox News that the Army Corps of Engineers were in New York three days ago working to help identify sites, such as college dorms or hotels, that it could renovate for hospital beds. Esper says the military also is preparing Army units to assemble field hospitals.

“Esper, who has spoken with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, says the Comfort hospital ship will be in New York. He says the Mercy hospital ship will be deployed early next week on the West Coast.

“He adds 67 U.S. service members are infected with coronavirus and that 1,500 Americans are quarantined on four U.S. bases in an effort to lighten the burden on the nation’s civilian medical facilities.” – Talking Points Memo (

19 March 2020: “CDC Asks Tech Giants Twitter, Google, Facebook for Location of US Citizens — Will Track Whether Americans Are Practicing Proper ‘Social Distancing’”

“This should scare the hell out of every freedom-loving American.”
“The CDC is asking tech giants for access to Americans’ cellphone locations. That way the government can track the location of every American and see whether Americans are properly practicing “social distancing.”
“This sounds like a futuristic nightmare in realtime.” – The Gateway Pundit (

19 March 2020: “The coronavirus pandemic began in China. Today, it reported no new local infections for the first time”

“Hong Kong (CNN)China has reported no new locally transmitted coronavirus cases for the first time since the pandemic began, marking a major turning point in the global battle to contain Covid-19.
“At a news conference on Thursday morning, officials from China’s National Health Commission announced there had been just 34 new cases in the past 24 hours — all imported from overseas — and eight new deaths, all in Hubei, the province where the virus was first identified. There were there no new reported cases in Hubei at all on Wednesday.
“The milestone will likely be held up as proof of the ongoing success of China’s sweeping, top-down efforts to control the virus, despite persistent allegations that local officials mishandled the initial outbreak. Just last month, mainland China was reporting thousands of new cases every day, and was considered the most high-risk infection area in the world.
“In the weeks following the early spread of the virus, the government enacted draconian quarantine measures and strict travel restrictions affecting hundreds of millions of citizens. In some hard-hit cities, residents have been unable to leave their apartments for more than a month, while transport between major population hubs has been limited or halted altogether.” – CNN (

20 March 2020: “3 Countries Starting Coronavirus Vaccine Trials in Global Race to Stop COVID-19 Before End of Year”

“In the three months since the COVID-19 pandemic started, scientists around the world have raced to create the first vaccine against it, with trials either starting or poised to in the U.S., China, and Europe.

Among them are researchers at Oxford University in the U.K., who will begin testing their vaccine in animals next week in the hope of launching trials in humans by next month, The Guardian reported on Thursday. That will be followed by trials of the preparation named ChAdOx1 to see if it can protect against COVID-19. The research is focused on the protein that the new coronavirus uses to infect its victims, and using a harmless virus that doesn’t replicate to insert genetic material of the COVID-19 bug into the body.

On Monday, scientists at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute started the first vaccine trial for the virus that causes COVID-19, named SARS-CoV-2 (not to be confused with the bug which causes SARS). The jab, mRNA-1273, was developed by biotech company Moderna, and uses a segment of the virus’ genetic code rather than a piece of the virus, which they hope should make it faster to develop.

“A day later on Tuesday, Chinese biopharmaceutical company CanSino Biologics announced its vaccine Ad5-nCoV had been approved to start a phase 1 clinical trial in humans. Co-developed by the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology, it is the first COVID-19 vaccine to reach this stage in China, according to a statement by the firm. The team hopes to spark the creation of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 by taking a piece of its genetic code and combining it with a harmless virus.

“Results from preclinical animal studies of ‘Ad5-nCoV’ show that the vaccine candidate can induce strong immune response in animal models. The preclinical animal safety studies demonstrated a good safety profile,” CanSino Biologics said on Tuesday.

“Arcturus Therapeutics, Johnson & Johnson and Inovio Pharmaceuticals in the U.S.; Germany’s BionTech and CureVac, and GlaxoSmithKline in the U.K. have vaccines which are meanwhile in the pre-clinical stages of development. According to The Guardian, some 35 companies have a horse in the race.

“Finding a vaccine for COVID-19 is being treated as a matter of urgency as the virus has killed over 10,000 worldwide since it was first detected in China late last year, according to Johns Hopkins University. There have been over 245,000 confirmed cases, and more than 86,000 recoveries, as indicated in the graph by Statista below accurate as of March 17. – Newsweek (

20 March 2020: “[US] National Guard Dispels Rumors After Train Carrying Military Equipment Travels Through Illinois”

“The Illinois National Guard says it is not being brought in to enforce a quarantine in the Chicago area.
“The organization took to social media Thursday to dispel rumors after video began circulating showing a train carrying military vehicles moving through some suburbs.
“There are a lot of rumors going around about the Illinois National Guard being activated to enforce a quarantine in Chicago or other areas of the state. Some even have video of a train moving military equipment near the city,” they wrote on Facebook. “We confirmed with our logistics officer that we haven’t had trains moving Illinois National Guard equipment through Chicago in more than a month. These are not our vehicles. The military moves equipment all the time. This has nothing to do with COVID-19 response.”

TWEET: “The only troops we are sending to the Chicago area is a small contingent of medical personnel – doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, medical technicians. The military ships vehicles all the time. This is in no way related to COVID-19.” – @IL_Natl_Guard – Channel 5 News Chicago (

20 March 2020: “New York Joins California in Locking Down Against the Virus”

“New York state is joining California in ordering nearly all residents to stay home, as governors watch with growing alarm as southern Europe buckles under the strain of the coronavirus outbreak.”

““We’re going to close the valve, because the rate of increase in the number of cases portends a total overwhelming of our hospital system,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said as the death toll in the U.S. topped 200, with at least 35 in his state.” – US News & World Report (

20 March 2020: “Italy calls in military to Enforce Lockdown as Coronavirus Crisis Intensifies in North”

“Rome (CNN)Soldiers are being drafted in to help enforce the lockdown in Italy after the total number of deaths from Covid-19 in the European nation surpassed the toll in China, previously the deadliest center of the coronavirus outbreak.
“Desperate scenes have unfolded in the north of the country, particularly the hard-hit Lombardy region where infections first exploded last month, as hospitals struggle to treat thousands of cases.
“And Chinese medical experts helping Italy deal with the crisis have said the restrictions imposed in Lombardy are “not strict enough.” – CNN (

20 March 2020: “New York Workers told to Stay Home to Slow Coronavirus”

“New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered all workers in his state to stay home, except for those in essential services. The move came after California Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered 40 million residents to remain at home. The dramatic measures came after confirmed U.S. cases doubled in just two days, in part because of increased testing. “I applaud them, they’re taking very strong, bold steps,” President Trump said.” – The Washington Post (

20 March 2020: “U.S.-Mexico Border Closing to Most Travel”

“The United States and Mexico have reached an agreement for a partial closure of the border, according to U.S and Mexican officials.
“Mexico’s Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard announced the closure on Twitter, and President Trump and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed the deal at a White House briefing Friday.” – The Washington Post (

20 March 2020: “A keyboard encryption app used to skirt coronavirus censorship was removed by Apple in China”

“Apple yesterday removed Boom the Encryption Keyboard, an app that allowed Chinese internet users to bypass censorship, from the China app store, according to its developer.”
“Apple has removed apps from its China app store in the past for containing ”illegal content.” Among the apps that have been pulled were Quartz’s news app, which was removed from the China app store last year.
“Apple did not immediately reply to a request for comment.
“While most apps that enable encrypted messages and communications have long been banned in China, Wang said he suspects Boom drew the attention of authorities because of the way Chinese internet users quickly moved to preserve a particular coronavirus-linked article from being scrubbed by censors recently.” – QZ (

20 March 2020: “How to Debunk COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories”

“The Novel Coronavirus Was not Created in a Lab.” In the whirlwind of news about the novel coronavirus pandemic, it can be hard to figure out what’s a scam or rumor and what’s vital information. The ways in which the COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, has transformed the way we work and keep ourselves entertained already feels unreal.
“To understand why there’s so much misinformation out there — for example, that the virus was purposely created in a lab — The Verge spoke with John Cook, a cognitive science researcher at George Mason University and one of the authors of a new Conspiracy Theory Handbook. A big fan of acronyms, Cook came up with a handy one to recognize when you or someone you know might be headed down a conspiracy theory rabbit hole and how to “inoculate” ourselves and others against it.” – The Verge (

21 March 2020: New Jersey Governor Orders All 9-Million Residents To Stay Home

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